Joining forces with entire organizations to
proactively improve.
increase performance.
synergize organizations.
innovate faster.
Your automated consultant, fueled by the input of all your employees.

A proactive system, unlike consultancy, that creates insight through employees in your business processes.

Proactive system

Tackle challenges, before they become issues

Constantly monitoring your business.

Employee insights

Your employees as your most trusted advisors​

Using the help of the only source that can make you unbeatable.

Business Processes

Streamline your business

Providing you with a real-time plan for improvement.

Pixels na Pixels

We care deeply about the privacy and anonymity of employees and their organizations.

Our 6 pillars

Based on 6 pillars your people tell you what your organization needs. 


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We are constantly on the move. Join us in our adventure!

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“Deepler helped us improve based on our own strength, instead of adapting to competitors.”

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Join forces with your entire organization to make improvement happen

Keep track of the needs of the entire organization. Even when working Hybrid.

In a world where everybody is working remote and teams are dispersed, keeping track of the needs of your entire organization is becoming more challenging. But not with Deepler.

We automated the collection of all input, make giving input fun and help you translate the input to a plan to improve. Because of hybrid working, gathering employee insights has become difficult and time consuming. First, the cup of coffee was sufficient. Now, we miss information on the needs of the organisation. Our software helps you by automating the input collection, enabling your employees to share insights quick and easy, and by